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Paid advertising on social media is typically used to reach a much broader audience than can be reached with organic content alone, but advertising on social media can still be tricky these days for the cannabis industry. Some platforms will allow certain types of ads and not others, and there is also the risk of having your profile removed entirely if your ad content is flagged. We can help you navigate and decide when advertising should and shouldn’t be used in social media channels, and which channels are most effective.


Trust has always been the primary currency in influencing opinion, and in the era of 24/7 information access, digital influence has become a key element of how decisions are filtered and made by your customers. So what is digital influence? It’s the impact of digital networks and relationships that earn likes, shares, comments and conversations about your products and your business. That influence has real value and can make or break the hard-earned reputation of any business, large or small. Today, companies that are truly digitally savvy are using social influencers to grow their audience, build trusted relationships and gain a competitive edge by establishing strong relationships with influencers who are aligned with their own company values. Remaining credible in a sea of digital noise where consumers are 84% more likely to trust personal recommendations, it’s become imperative to create a solid influencer strategy to enable your business to tell your story through the voices of the people that matter the most to your customers – the people they care about, the people they listen to, the people they trust.


Building an online community of your customers is no small feat, whether it’s on a dedicated community site or across your website and social media channels. The good news is that those in the cannabis industry already have a sense of community. Nurturing that sense of community with your own customers takes strategy, patience and effort. Make sure you’re cultivating reasons for your customers and community to keep returning and participating in the conversation. The benefits to having a vibrant community are immense, from the user-generated content that’s created, to the rich authenticity of real people having conversations online. The feedback and suggestions you receive can even help you further understand and improve your business. Our expertise in Social Media Management with online engagement and communities can help you to build an audience that’s engaged, passionate and loyal – all great attributes for new, current and returning customers.

About Us

How It All Started

Using social media to market your business is essential for most businesses these days, whether your strategy includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. or other platforms. Each platform has its own characteristics and audiences, and are constantly evolving in features and capabilities. Some offer in-platform reports and metrics, others are still in the early stage of offering insights into the success of your efforts. We are social media experts, with almost a decade of experience in this space, and have worked with small, medium and large companies to help them navigate this fast-moving space. We have in-depth experience with publishing, listening and many other types of tools that can help you be as effective and efficient as possible while maintaining a truly authentic profile and brand across all your profiles. Whether it’s crafting a strategy, publishing and scheduling posts, engaging and nurturing an audience, using social listening to understand what is being said about your business or a myriad of other social media strategies and tactics, we can help make sure that your social media activity is aligned with your other marketing efforts and your overall brand and business.




What Sets Us Apart

Social Media Management is the art and science of monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation. You may already have a profile on Instagram and Facebook, and that’s a great place to start in social media. The key to sustained success in social media is by making sure that you’re delivering rich and relevant content so your customers and prospects stay engaged. Beyond great content, growing your social graph is critical too, which means continuously nurturing and building the network of people you’re connected to and who can influence your audience. Our Social Media management skills are finely honed with years of experience in this space, and we’re looking forward to putting those skills to work for you.

Ask us how we can take your social media activities to the next level.

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