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Your peace of mind is our top priority. Got questions or need changes? Reach out anytime. With our tech, you can track your design's progress from the comfort of your location, ensuring your order is just right.


Rooted in our love for the earth, we're committed to eco-friendly practices, using natural and sustainable materials for quality products made in the USA. Let's tread lightly on the earth together.

Eco-Friendly, High Quality and Locally Made.

In today's competitive market, making your product stand out is key. At Shadow Marketing, we craft custom designs that reflect your brand's identity and how you want to be seen. Let's make your brand unforgettable.


Choose Shadow Design House

At Shadow, we stand out because we match the right experts with your unique marketing needs, ensuring your business thrives. Our specialty? Custom packaging design and manufacturing, where our art and design expertise meets meticulous attention to detail. From child-proof packaging to promotional items, we handle it all, working closely with you to bring your vision to life. Let's create something great together.

Kali Ma Extracts jar of extract and lid with labels

Kali Ma Jars

Getting all the required information onto such a small label, in a way that still allows legibility was such a fun experience.

Muscle Rub Topical jar and packaging

Skin Care Product Label

Designing a label that's eye catching, but also has all the legally required information again here, on an even smaller surface!

Get Gone Bottle of Topical

Get Gone Labeling and Packaging

A wonderful bug repellent for a local company in Oregon that supplies local horse stables with this all natural miracle.

Not sure.


Providing our customers with peace of mind is critical to how we do business.  If you have questions or comments, we are here to listen. If you need to  change something, you are encouraged to contact us in order to make sure your order is exactly what you need and want. We work using a variety of technology that will allow you to stay in your location while still being able to see the progress of the product design as it gets created.

Jelly Collective Jar of Extract with lid and stickers on lid

"Working with Shadow Design House took our brand to the next level. Sales started to really pick up!"

Joan R.   |  Cosmetic Consultant

Tea Package for Inannagenics


With a long history of love for the earth and everything it gives us, we’re proud of our eco-friendly culture and how we insist on using natural and sustainable materials whenever possible. We consistently use only the best quality materials to create your products, always sourced and made locally here in the USA. We use materials that can be recycled and do our best to create as small a footprint on the earth as possible with our manufacturing and production processes.


Custom  Branded Shoes

A Packaging Concept we Developed for Colley

Custom Carrier we designed for Deliveries

Part of a line of Sportswear designed for 420

Special Water Colour Hoodie created for VIP Sellers

LGBTQIA+ Stickers and Slaps designed and printed.

Leggings designed as part of Brand promotion

Small Batch Package Designed for World Event

Business Car

Wooden Packaging Designed for Vials

Custom Swimsuits

Small Batch Custom Packaging

Custom Swag

In addition to our custom packaging, we also offer custom design services for special promotional items such as badges, pins, jars, clothing, bags, shoes, pens, etc. We’re happy to design, customize and manufacture a suite of promotional products that provide a consistent look and feel to your brand identity.

Screenshot (1784).png


Our flagship service is our custom packaging and promotional products design and manufacturing process.

Meat Packaging

How It All Started

Our flagship service is our custom packaging and promotional products design and manufacturing process. We work closely with you to design, build, and create custom packaging and promotional products that reflect your identity and business. We take great pride in designing custom yet cost-effective solutions that differentiate our clients’ brands and product lines from their competitors. 


Our clients include farms, processors, and medical and recreational cannabis businesses operating in one or more states.

We recognize that regulations for packaging are different in each state, so our designs accommodate each state’s requirements.  We are passionate about this industry and dedicated to helping our customers succeed as it evolves.

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