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Branding and developing labels for Kali Ma Extracts: A Journey to Affordable Quality

Kali Ma Extracts is a premium cannabis product provider that prioritizes affordability without compromising on quality. As the cannabis market continues to grow, it's important for companies to set themselves apart with their branding and packaging. The goal for Kali Ma Extracts was to create a cost-effective and visually appealing package design, and this is where we came in. In this blog post, we'll go into detail about the process of branding and developing labels for Kali Ma Extracts.

The Process of Branding and Developing Labels

Understanding the client's goals and requirements

The first step in the branding and label development process is to understand the client's goals and requirements. In the case of Kali Ma Extracts, affordability was a top priority, which meant we had to work within a tight budget. In addition, the packaging had to meet the requirements of the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission. Understanding these requirements helped us to create a package design that was both cost-effective and visually appealing.

Research and analysis

Once we had a clear understanding of the client's goals and requirements, we conducted research and analysis to understand the cannabis market and the competition. This helped us to determine the best approach for the packaging design, and also helped us to understand what sets Kali Ma Extracts apart from its competitors.

Conceptualization and ideation

Based on the research and analysis, we moved on to the next stage, which was conceptualization and ideation. This is where we came up with a variety of ideas and concepts for the packaging design. Our goal was to create a minimalist jar for the dabs and a clear, eye-catching label system that would stand out on the shelves.

Design and development

Once we had a clear idea of the direction we wanted to take, we moved on to the design and development phase. We worked closely with Kali Ma Extracts to create a package design that met their requirements and also reflected their brand values.

Our design incorporated the use of minimalistic imagery and typography, and the labels were clear and easy to read.

Testing and refinement

After the design and development phase, we conducted a series of tests to ensure that the packaging was cost-effective and visually appealing. We made any necessary revisions and refinements to ensure that the final product was of the highest quality.

The Result: Strong Brand Recognition and Success

The result of our efforts was a brand and packaging design that helped Kali Ma Extracts to stand out in the crowded cannabis market. Within a year, Kali Ma Extracts went from 5 to over 100 dispensaries, with products selling out in mere weeks due to their strong brand recognition. The minimalist jar and clear, eye-catching label system helped to make the products stand out on the shelves and attracted customers who were looking for an affordable, high-quality cannabis solution.


Branding and developing labels is a critical process for any business, especially in the competitive cannabis market. By working closely with Kali Ma Extracts and understanding their goals and requirements, we were able to create a cost-effective and visually appealing package design that helped to set them apart from their competition. The success of Kali Ma Extracts is a testament to the power of branding and the impact that it can have on a business's success.

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